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How do you better align the needs of society with the cost of research and development? Discoveries at the convergence of neuroscience and human consciousness have the power to transform life as we know it. Yet, innovation in these fields is limited by a "valley of death" of investment separating basic science research from mass-scale innovations. What’s more, as research reveals the science of motivation, behavior, awareness, and even consciousness itself, important questions of access, authority, and responsibility will govern how these discoveries impact humanity. 

The Vision of BrainMind is to create a platform to take scientific discoveries in the neuroscience field and bring them to the world in the form of tangible inventions designed to benefit humanity. BrainMind meetings will foster the vital impact investing and values-aligned stewardship needed to catalyze transformative and ethical proof-of-concept development in this field.

  • BrainMind is building a collaborative roadmap for effective forward progress in the science of the brain and mind with top scientists and leaders in the field.    

  • Within this wider roadmap, we surface and focus special attention on the areas and ideas in most need of coordinated support. 

  • Following, we leverage new forms of capital and infuse leaders in the entrepreneurial, investing, and philanthropic communities to support these pivotal ideas from the lab to society.  

BrainMind is cultivating conscientious leadership and investment in the science of brain and mind. This organization is convening invite-only events hosted in collaboration with the world’s pre-eminent neuroscience research institutions. Participants include accomplished entrepreneurs, select investors from venture capital and foundations, respected thought leaders, and esteemed researchers from mind-focused fields. Attendees are engaged in dialogue on the state of the field and brought together to thoughtfully apply the most important findings in mind and brain science.



The Mission of BrainMind is to build an ecosystem of neuroscience institutions, researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors with the shared purpose of accelerating values-driven brain endeavors – intellectual, entrepreneurial, and ethical.



Within our wider roadmap, BrainMind is surfacing and focusing special attention on the areas and ideas in most need of coordinated support. Examples include:

  • Prevention, Wellness, and Human Flourishing
  • Research tools
  • Educational neuroscience
  • Brain- and circuit-mapping
  • Large-scale efforts to generate and share data
  • Interface between neuroscience and computer science
  • High risk / high return, non-venturable but sustainable, capital- or time-intensive ideas with high potential impact on public health



Over $33 billion dollars are donated annually to healthcare causes, much of which goes to basic research at universities. Government grants amount to over $72 billion annually for basic scientific and medical research. At the other end of the spectrum, venture capital invests $10 billion in healthcare companies. While basic research and commercial companies with high expected returns are funded readily, a "valley of death" of investment separates promising research from mass-scale innovations, particularly for ideas that promise significant health impact but modest financial gain. BrainMind seeks to harness collective and distributed capital sources across philanthropy and venture capital to deliver stewardship of fundamental neuroscience to impact-focused stakeholders. Better targeting this capital source will generate explosive scientific discovery. There is latent value in applying private capital market principals to research and product development, such as selecting and incentivizing managers.



Today, a global network of scientists, engineers, and clinicians are doing tremendous work to uncover the underlying mechanisms of cognition, motivation, learning, memory, sleep, attachment, resilience, neurological disorders, and the process by which consciousness arises. The neurological underpinnings of the human mind are being explored in the nation’s most prestigious institutions, with the creation of multiple centers of excellence for these academic pursuits at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, and many more.

Just as the scientific community has made significant strides in neurobiological research with the advent of fMRI, the medical community is converging on transformative discoveries of the phsyical and psychological impact of the human mind. The human mind is also being studied in the context of real-life interventions, including medical, personal, and social approaches. These practices are being studied for applications in stress and anxiety management, cognitive behavioral therapy, stroke recovery, chronic pain management, cancer treatment, child self-regulation, and more.

By exploring the intersection of brain and mind, we gain insight not only into the mechanisms by which the mind affects the brain and the body, but into consciousness itself. By convening the world’s top thinkers, researchers, and innovators on the convergence of neuroscience and the study of human consciousness, we open the door to collaborations and discoveries that will shape the world as we know it. The BrainMind team is uniquely equipped to execute on this strategy, with experience in medicine, venture capital, private equity, and donor development.