Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: USA
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Entry Deadline: 4/2/19

BrainMind is a nonprofit scientific advocacy organization hosting a private conference at MIT focused on topics in neuroscience and the philosophy of mind. We are inviting artists to enter work that is any interpretation of the theme: digital consciousness. BrainMind is interested in the artist's exploration of perception, awareness, visualization, and imagination in the digital age. We will be showcasing the work of one or two tech-forward artists at this private meeting of prominent scientists, investors, and philanthropists. Artists’ works will be featured along with pre-commercial neurotechnologies and other academic projects. All mediums are welcome, but we are especially interested in works that utilize technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D/data visualization, and wearables. 

Awards: $1000 Artist Fee for two-day exhibition + up to $2000 budget for supplies/travel

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Previous winnerS:

“You are the Ocean” (artist’s rendering)

“You are the Ocean” (artist’s rendering)

You are the Ocean by Ozge Samanci and Gabriel Caniglia was selected from a competitive open call for proposals of digital artworks focused on themes of consciousness and neuroscience in the contemporary moment. This interactive installation allows participants to control a digitally simulated ocean using only their brainwaves. Calm seas and storms alike are powered by the viewer’s thoughts; the sheer act of concentration can conjure a squall or sunshine. Participants intentionally control their thinking while surrounded by the magnified consequence of their thoughts. 

Ozge Samanci   (photo by Annette Hornischer)

Ozge Samanci

(photo by Annette Hornischer)

A participant wears an EEG (electroencephalography) headset that measures his or her approximate attention and meditation levels via brainwaves. Attention level affects storminess: with higher concentration, the waves get higher and the clouds thicken. By calming his or her mind, the subject can create a calm ocean. 

Gabriel Canaglia

Gabriel Canaglia

Humanity’s relationship with the natural world is complex. Humans have a nervous system and perceive an illusionary boundary between their bodies and the rest of the world. A sip of water we drink was once in the ocean, a cloud, a plant. An atom in our body is billions of years old, coming from dying stars, and each atom has been a part of so many things: stardust, soil, sea, clouds, air, single-cell life, fish, bugs, birds. This concept appears in different versions of indigenous cosmologies, Sufi mysticism, Big Bang theory and the history of evolution. You are the Ocean is a reminder that our presence and thinking have a direct impact on the planet.