COGNITION — The Supercharged Brain / The Mind in Decline

Hosts: Dr. Ruth O'hara and Dr. Leanne Williams, Stanford University

Expert Contributor: Dr. David Hong, Stanford University

Cognition is how we process information from the environment and incorporate it into our worldview, concerning judgment, learning, memory, communication, and many other essential mental functions. More broadly, cognitive research also promises a deeper understanding of society and humanity: what is it that makes humans human? Cognition is the human experience — which is what makes cognitive enhancement so exciting and cognitive decline in advanced age so debilitating. The human, social, and economic opportunities and costs are enormous. As we discover more about deleterious genes, mental functioning, and social determinants, we can improve lives through better performance, as well as better prevention, treatment, and care. Join us in exploring emerging opportunities to enhance cognition both in healthy and declining minds.

Areas of Impact

●      Learning and education

●      Memory

●      Social interaction, communication, social determinants of health, social phenomena

●      Artificial intelligence

●      Linguistics

●      Consciousness and perception

●      Decision-making, behavioral economics

●      Developmental psychology, child care