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BrainMind Summit at Stanford 2019

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You have been selected for a private, non-transferable, invitation to spend two weekends with the most brilliant and talented people interested in the brain and mind in at Stanford on October 12-13. 

The private BrainMind Summit at Stanford is an intimate gatherings to incubate and move the most important ideas in brain science to real-world use. Ideas featured at the Summit are at the tip of the spear in brain science. Attendees engage with the scientists behind those ideas and meet entrepreneurs building nascent brain companies, some in stealth.

Your peers at the BrainMind Summit share two things: passion for the BrainMind space and significant leadership in your respective careers. In addition to many of the top neuroscientists in the world, confirmed participants joining this small gathering include founders and founding investors of LinkedIn, PayPal, Google, Facebook; founders of the world’s largest VC and PE funds, the most prolific philanthropists in neuroscience and behavioral health, Obama’s BRAIN Initiative leaders, Emmy-winning science journalists, Olympic medalists, Smithsonian-exhibiting artists, and senior executives of the most influential companies in biotech. Nobel, Kyoto, and Breakthrough prize winning scientists are also recent additions to this ecosystem.

You will receive a private registration link in June.

Reply to me and the BrainMind founders (Michael mmccullough@brain-mind.org, Calvin cnguyen@brain-mind.org, and Diana dsaville@brain-mind.org) if you would like to receive early information on the Summit.

All attendees are trusted BrainMind Ecosystem members who were personally nominated by one of our advisors and co-hosts: Reid Hoffman, Ed Boyden, Laura Roberts, Juan Enriquez, Bo Shao, Joi Ito, and Tom Kalil, amongst others.

Please let us know if you are interested in attending either the BrainMind Summit at MIT or Stanford.

Michael McCullough
President and Founder, BrainMind; Clinical Professor, UCSF; Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Greylock Partners

Reid Hoffman
Chair, BrainMind Advisory Board; Co-Founder, LinkedIn; Managing Partner, Greylock Partners

Ed Boyden
Y. Eva Tan Professor of Neurotechnology, MIT; Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab; Co-Founder, BrainMind Summit-MIT

Laura Roberts
 Chairman, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Stanford University; Co-Founder, BrainMind Summit-Stanford

Bo Shao
 Founding Partner, Matrix Partners China; Founder and Chairman, Evolve Foundation

Joi Ito
 Director and Professor of the Practice in Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab

Tom Kalil
 Chief Innovation Officer, Schmidt Futures; Former Deputy Director for Policy for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Juan Enriquez
Co-Founder, BrainMind; Managing Director, Excel Venture Management

Calvin Nguyen
Co-Founder, BrainMind

Diana Saville
Co-Founder, BrainMind

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