Flow — Being in the Zone: Fluidity in Attention and Action

Hosted by Jamie Wheal, Rich Diviney

Subject Matter Expert: Dr. Vinod Menon, Stanford University

Norepinephrine, dopamine and enandamine are just some of the neurotransmitters that flood the brain and create the feeling characterized by intense focus and immersion in an activity that is both challenging and pleasurable. This feeling, known as flow and more colloquially as “being in the zone”, leads to enhanced motivation, creativity, and learning. Laser focus paired with reduced signal to noise ratio during flow enhances pattern recognition and lateral thinking, improving intelligence and cognitive processes. “Finding flow” in daily activities has been touted by some as the key to happiness and increased performance mentally and physically. Despite this, researchers warn of the addictive properties of constant engagement in flow inducing activities. Join us in discussing this fascinating phenomenon, along with the challenges and opportunities ahead as we harness the science of flow.

Areas of Impact

●      Advanced Learning

●      Greater efficiency in sports training

●      Better productivity and work output

●      Improving job satisfaction

●      Raising quality of life