Longevity — Slowing the Brain’s Aging Process

Host: Dr. Joon Yun,  Palo Alto Investors, LLC,

Expert Contributor: Dr. Lauren Carstensen, Stanford University

The consequences of aging manifest themselves not only on our outward appearance, but also in our brains. The decline of cognitive function and mental capacity is tightly linked to age and manifests itself in individuals with age related disease like Alzheimer’s but also in the brains of healthy individuals. In an attempt to slow, stop, or possibly reverse the brain’s aging process, scientist are examining the crucial role of the hypothalamus, neurotransmitters like dopamine, diet, and lifestyle play in slowing the brains aging process. Reducing dietary intake and transplanting inflammation-resistant stem cells into the hypothalamus has proved effective in slowing aging in mice. The next frontier in aging research relies on seeing how mice models translate to human models. 


Areas of Impact

            • Neurodegenerative diseases

            • Healthcare

            • Nootropics