Strategic Philanthropy and Purpose-Driven Investing — Novel Models for Accelerating Neuroscience

Hosted by Calvin Nguyen, Founding COO, BrainMind

Expert Contributors: 

Dr. Rob Reich, Stanford University

Dr. Paula Goldman, Omidyar Network

Dr. Melanie Walker, Univerdity of Washington


How can charitable giving provide even greater benefits to society? What systematic changes would be required to achieve that? Underutilized forms of capital support can be used by philanthropic organizations, corporations, and individuals to accelerate impactful ideas in neuroscience while also creating self-sustaining or profitable enterprises. Up for discussion: donor-advised funds, program-related investments, venture philanthropy, and others. Take part in defining informed, strategic giving. Join us in this breakout discussion module to explore the very heart and mission of BrainMind and this conference, and help to accelerate groundbreaking ideas.

Areas of Impact

●     Healthcare, neurotech, basic research

●     Wealth Management

●     Venture Philanthropy

●     Impact Investing