Resilience — Pathways from Trauma to Wellbeing

Host: Dr. Rebecca Brachman, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Sunrise, Neuroscientist, Columbia University

Expert Contributors: Dave Morin, Co-founder & CEO, Sunrise, Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures, (former) Founder & CEO, Path

Dr. Allyson Gage, Chief Medical Officer, Cohen Veterans Bioscience

Dr. Laramie Duncan, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University


Trauma from the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the violence of terrorism and war, and other challenging circumstances may paralyze us at first. But resilience, a positive adaptability, can allow us to preserve or regain mental health in the face of adversity. An exploration of what makes one resilient can allow us to better meet the psychosocial needs of many individuals, from survivors of childhood trauma and sexual violence to refugees and forcibly displaced migrants. Join us in discussing the emerging field of preventative psychiatry, and going deeper on the question of whether we can use a vaccination approach to prevent conditions like depression and PTSD.

Areas of Impact

●      The global refugee crisis

●      Development of health systems in conflict and war-stricken regions

●      Facing adversity with grace and self-care

●      Trauma-induced physical impairments, e.g. hypertension and coronary heart disease

●      Mental health in adolescence

●      Youth responses to school shootings