ATTENDEE FEEDBACK from the 2018 gathering:

I’ve been going to TED for 14 years and this is the best conference I’ve ever been to. Amazing aggregation of [250] people. No one here that I wouldn’t be delighted to sit next to on a very long flight and that’s a rare statement.”

“The next Google could be two people who met here.”

Enormous amount of cross-fertilization going on. Building on the dramatic success of this, I think they’re going to have an amazing caliber of speaker and schedule of folks that will be mind-boggling and they have a basis to attract an incredible audience.”

“It takes so much time to get different people together… this entire weekend everyone was so inspired and so everyone was willing to contribute and make a big impact together.

“What BrainMind is all about is: Can we have a fundamental, exponential impact on this space and the benefits for humanity? This is what we all should be doing.

“That synergy and compounding effect that’s happening here is really rare. There are waves and movements in culture that come in certain points and intersections in history, that are important. And BrainMind is one of those intersections in time.

(2018 BrainMind Summit hosted at Stanford, photo courtesy of  John Werner )

(2018 BrainMind Summit hosted at Stanford, photo courtesy of John Werner)

The BrainMind Summit hosted at Stanford convenes the world’s top thought leaders in brain science. Attendees explore a curated collection of cutting-edge discoveries in neuroscience, engage with the scientists behind those ideas, and advise promising early-stage companies - all with the goal of bringing brain science to the world at scale.

Participants include Kyoto and Breakthrough Prize winners, BRAIN Initiative leaders, founders of the largest technology companies in silicon valley, chief scientists of major foundations, scientists on the cutting-edge of BrainMind fields, ethics, genomics, amongst others; founders of top venture capital funds, and prolific philanthropists.

The Summit in 2018 was hosted by Michael McCullough, Laura Roberts, Reid Hoffman, and Juan Enriquez.


Summit participants engage on the questions worth exploring in the years to come, and on what the current body of knowledge means for future innovation. Some discussion sessions are academic and cutting-edge: “Brain Imaging with Holography”, “Prophylactics for PTSD”. A few lean more practical: “Neuroscience of Love,” “Sleep and Vitality of the Mind.”

(Photos from the 2018 BrainMind Summit, co-hosted by the Stanford Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences) Special thanks to John Werner for these wonderful photos.


Speakers at the BrainMind Summit are chosen for their uniquely disruptive contributions to their respective fields. All speakers are available to engage with Summit participants.

Past Speakers and Discussion Leaders:


Image credit:  Boyden Lab

Image credit: Boyden Lab

The BrainMind Summit includes a hands-on Experiential NeuroLab with exciting invention and technology demonstrations and exhibits. Experiences include mind-controlled visual media, AR and VR-based technologies, real human brains and 10-100x expanded brains, neuroscience-driven perceptual illusions, immersive education experiences, and more. The NeuroLab will also include immersive art exhibitions exploring the theme of “digital consciousness.” Content in the lab has been hosted by Laura Roberts, Ed Boyden, David Eagleman, Andrew Huberman, and a curated collection of startup neurotech companies.


Special breakout discussions allow attendees to go deeper on specific topics. The event is designed to encourage conversation and collaboration with speakers and other great minds. Breakout Modules include the following topic areas:

Attachment — the science of belonging vs. isolation, connections with autism

Cognition — the supercharged brain / the mind in decline

Motivation — what drives us, from achieving goals to addiction

Sleep — benefits of good sleep / conquering sleep disruption

Resilience — pathways of healing from trauma to wellbeing

Flow — being in the zone: fluidity in attention and action

Longevity — slowing the brain's aging process, increasing vibrancy for all

Strategic Philanthropy and Purpose-Driven Investing — novel models accelerating neuroscience

Idea/Company Formation — Revolutionizing medical Imaging + brain-computer communication with consumer electronics

Idea/Company Formation — Treating neurological conditions with non-invasive brain stimulation

Idea/Company Formation — Discovering curative therapies for Parkinson’s Disease with machine learning

(Photos from first BrainMind Summit in 2016, co-hosted by the Stanford Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)


Date: October 12-13, 2019

Location: This is a private gathering: location will be disclosed to invited participants.

Program: Programming 8:30am-6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday, Receptions follow on both evenings.

Lodging: Please refer to Stanford’s comprehensive lodging guide.