Summit September 8-9

Stanford University

The full program is available here.

DAY 1: Saturday, September 8, 2018


7:30 am —  Breakfast & Registration


8:30 am —  Setting the Frame - Laura Roberts and Michael McCullough

Musical Performance by Michael Fitzpatrick

9:00 am —  Keynote: Brain/Mind -- Where are we Under-investing? - Tom Kalil

BrainMind - The Journey Ahead - Michael McCullough

New Conceptual Frameworks in Mental Health - Amit Etkin

10:00 am —  Tools for Analyzing and Repairing the Brain - Ed Boyden

Digital Phenotyping - Tom Insel

10:50 am —  Break

11:00 am —  The Supercharged Brain, Mental Health and Aging - Ruth O’Hara

Envisioning the Brain Mind Clinical Lab of the Future - Leanne Williams

Novel Platforms for Novel Treatments in Neuroscience - Rob Malenka

12:10 pm —  Lunch, Breakout Discussions, Experiential NeuroLab Opens


1:10 pm —  Musical Framing, Michael Fitzpatrick

Fireside Chat with  Reid Hoffman - Reid Hoffman and Michael McCullough

2:00 pm —  Revolutionizing Medical Imaging and Brain-Computer Communication with Consumer                      Electronics - Mary Lou Jepsen

Hub & Spoke Model for Impactful Innovation - Mary Lou Jepsen & BrainMind

2:30 pm —  Panel Discussion: New Frontiers in Philanthropy - Calvin Nguyen, Melanie                              Walker, Paula Goldman, Tom Kalill, Lynn Stoler

3:00 pm —  Break

3:10 pm —  Shining a Light on the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease - Li-Huei Tsai

To Sleep or Not to Sleep: How the Brain Decides to Wake Us Up - Luis de Lecea

Quieting the Obsessive Mind: Ketamine and Other Rapid-Acting Therapeutics - Carolyn Rodriguez

Accelerating Discovery to Promote Healthy Brain Outcomes Starting from Birth - Manpreet Singh & Ian Gotlib

4:40 pm —  Break

4:50 pm —  A Look Inside the DARPA Brain Machine Interface Program - Phillip Alvelda

Mindreading Other’s Intentions: from Neurons to Networks - Keren Haroush

Computational Neuropsychiatry - New Approaches to Psychiatric Diagnosis - Manish Saggar

Reversing the Opioid Crisis: Translating Science into Action - Keith Humphreys & Anna Lembke

6:00 pm —  Day 1 Closing Remarks - Laura Roberts and Michael McCullough

6:10 pm —  Spotlight on Experiential NeuroLab, Reception

7:30 pm —  Plated Dinner and Keynote Presentation - Juan Enriquez

DAY 2: Sunday, September 9, 2018


8:00 am —  Breakfast & Breakout Discussions


9:00 am —  Welcome and Concept Introduction - Laura Roberts & Michael McCullough

Musical Framing, Michael Fitzpatrick

9:15 am —  Building Functional Human Brain Tissue in a Dish - Sergiu Pasca

The Emerging Field of Preventative Psychiatry: Can We Vaccinate Against PTSD & Depression? - Rebecca Brachman

The Demise of the Asylum and the Rise of Interventional Psychiatry - Nolan Williams

Can We Create New Senses for Humans? - David Eagleman

Development of Artificial Retinas for Treating Blindness and Implications for Brain Machine Interface - E.J. Chichilnisky

10:50 am —  Break

11:10 am —  Brain Mapping, Brain Decoding, and Future Neurotechnology - Jack Gallant

Nature, Nurture, and Behavior: Insights and Implications - Nirao Shah

Using Artificial Intelligence to Read Brainwaves: A New Era for Neuropsychiatry -          Josef Parvizi

Exploring the Brain Forest: Molecular Nanoscopy for Alzheimer’s and Cancer - Philippe Mourrain

Genetics and Epigenetics of Brain Function in the Age of the Genome Technology Revolution - Alex Urban

12:15 pm —  Lunch and Breakout Discussions, Experiential NeuroLab Opens


1:15 pm —  Musical Framing, Michael Fitzpatrick

I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means: Observations About Translational Science - Jamie Heywood

The Changing Landscape of Longevity - Laura Carstensen

2:20 pm —  Why Sleep? - Rafael Pelayo

What is a “Normal” Brain? - Vinod Menon

Decoding Genetic Effects in Everyday Life: Relationships, Memories, and Drug Effects - Laramie Duncan

Human Sleep iOS - Matthew Walker

3:20 pm —  Break

3:50 pm —  How the Brain Combines What You Sense with How You Feel to Determine What You Do - Andrew Huberman

Breathing for Optimized Brain Performance - Andrew Huberman

Stress Management In the Wild - Pablo Paredes

Neuromonitoring-Guided Cognitive Augmentation - Hadi Hosseini

Modulation of Neural Circuits to Restore Function for Neurologic and Psychiatric Disorders - Gary Steinberg

4:40 pm —  Scientific Summary and Closing Remarks - Laura Roberts

BrainMind Closing Remarks - Michael McCullough

5:00 pm —  Spotlight on Experiential NeuroLab, Strolling Reception and Dinner

6:30 pm —  Adjourn