The next decade of brain science has the potential to reshape humanity. If we are passive, the coming brain revolution will either fall short of its potential or drift towards negative outcomes.

  • In the field of neuroscience, we are beginning to be able to access and manipulate brain and mind activity in powerful ways - for both benefit and harm.

  • This inflection point in neuro-scientific discovery is comparable to the cracking of the genetic code and the splitting of the atom, but differs in two important ways:

    • Compared to the genetic revolution which took place mostly in academic centers, a large part of this revolution is taking place in the private sector, where pubic oversight is limited.  

    • Unlike cracking the genetic code or harnessing nuclear power, society is not yet fully aware of how potent this leap in BrainMind capability is, for both risk and reward. 

As a species, we must navigate this rapidly emerging watershed era proactively -- with vitality, creativity, and thoughtful care.